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    We're engaged in R&D and innovation of paint protection film.with 24 years product experience,professional lab and professional R&D team,we have achieved proud result with continuous efforts.

    1.Global exclusive leading top coating

    Top coat is important core factor of paint protection film.We're honored to pronounce that we had developed global leading amazing coat formulation.Its performance is amazing and unique.It represents the most advanced science of coating technology.Let's know more about it:
    PLATICOAT ™: With global rare platinum customized formulation, it has superior stain resistance, corrosion resistance, and perfectly increase glossiness, ductility of the surface.Because it’s rare, so it’s precious.
    SHARKBIONIC ™: The customized coating formulation developed on the basis of biomimetic anti-fouling principle makes the coating denser, more durable and more stable, and has the properties of yellow resistance, anti-fouling, chemical resistance and weather resistance beyond products at the same grade.
    HYDROCOAT ™: The quality of product depends on the coating,and the coating determines the effect of stain resistance.Customized HYDROCOAT has superior anti-fouling performance to deal with all kinds of complex stain problem to keep the surface as bright as new.

    2.Best TPU from Lubrizol

    In 1959, Lubrizol invented TPU materials. As the inventor of commercial TPU, no one knows TPU better than Lubrizol, With more than 30 years’proven experience in PPF products, Lubrizol have becomed the leader of PPF industry.
    The whole series of UPPF products are made of the most high-end TPU of Lubrizol. It has more excellent optical performance, yellow resistance, stretching and other properties.
    UPPF has the global strictest performance standard,Up to 9 years’ atmospheric exposure test shows that UPPF has the highest and most stable performance.

    3.Innovative products

    We also have gotten much amazing results in development and innovation of products.
    We have creatively defined the protection level of the paint protection film according to different thicknesses, and also developed various different effects,such as:
    and HEADLIGHT(three effect) etc
    Until now we have almost 20 TPU paint protection film to provide diversified choice to different customers.Our brand has the most innovative products in the world.
    At the same time,we will continuously develop industry leading innovative products.