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    Warranty coverage:

    Degumming ,cracking, peeling(full part not caused by external factor of non-local washing) and delamination.(warranty is only for the original paint)
    Not include: abrasion caused by external force, damage caused by collision, accidental damage, any form of vandalism.
    This warranty is only provided to the original consumer purchaser and is not Transferable. It shall terminate automatically upon transfer of the vehicle.

    Claims Process:

    To file a claim, first attempt to contact the Authorized UPPF Installer who performed the installation. In the event you are unable to contact the original Authorized UPPF Installer, for any reason, please contact UPPF. You must retain the warranty card, a copy of your original receipt identifying coverage areas and remit to UPPF as requested to process your claim.


    1. Wait one week after installation to wash your car to ensure the best adhesion between the glue and surface.
    2. When washing your car, avoid washing the edge with high pressure washer
    3. When washing your car, avoid using brush and corrosive chemicals
    4. Avoid scratch by hard and scrub strongly, scratch and wear marks will affect the overall effect of the film
    5. The film surface should be maintained on a bi-monthly basis
    6. Don’t polish on the film surface
    7. if there is bird dropping, gumming, stains, acid rain or alkaline stains, please clean immediately. Or it will damage the coating
    8. As wedding car, don’t stick the sucker directly on the film surface; please clean within 12 hours if the surface is dyed by ribbon and fireworks.
    9. Don’t drop the ash on the surface when smoking so that it will be burned.